About Us

Marlot Baus consists of worlds with similarities and disparities, working with microcement and noble materials, shaping infinite forms and volumes that blend with textures of continuous movement to express everyday reality.
These are modern family relics to love and cherish, personal pieces adjustable to each home. Alongside our exclusive high-quality microcement, we also work with glass and carved oak wood materials.
The new styles combine bold geometric shapes with organic structures, as well as more serene and sturdy pieces in design that bring elegance and the passage of time to your home.
These are the furniture pieces that move from one room to another and from one house to another. Focused on the future, they remain in our homes for generations to come.
They are the pieces of furniture that you once decided to place in that space as a work of art where you can celebrate life on top of them. They are special, handmade pieces built with the highest quality materials and skilled craftsmanship.
We draw inspiration from the many surroundings, from the beauty of an old home to the most iconic concepts of design masters, shaping these references with our selection of materials into new and intriguing pieces to cherish.



Material and Porcesses 

Each and every piece we offer has been crafted by us. We design and work on each piece ourselves in our workshop in La Llagosta, Barcelona, creating each piece to measure and exclusively for our customer.
We produce on demand, keeping no products in stock, and we do not have seasonal collections. 
The structure of our tables is made of sustainable low-density MDF with solid spruce wood legs accompanied by a fromager covering for rounded shapes. All of this is covered with a complete 9-layer system of microcement, including primer, 2 base layers, 2 layers of fine finish, and 4 layers of final sealer reinforced with flexible mesh, applied by craftsmen for increased durability and resistance to liquids and solids.

Healing Timeless Pieces 

Marlot Baus's curating process is based on extensive research of contemporary and antique pieces from a variety of sources to create their own models. Our highly selective approach ensures that each item is carefully chosen for its unique features, exceptional design, and timeless appeal. We are constantly searching worldwide for pieces that have the power to transform any space into a work of art and elevate it.